• Genuineness and simplicity

    Precious ingredients, revisited recipes

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Authenticity, simplicity and refinement

At the time of Princess Clotilde's birth, the Milanese chefs celebrated the genuineness of raw materials and the tie with nature and season cycle. This kind of cuisine requires an easy preparation and a great respect for the origin of ingredients.

These basics inspired the concept of this bistrot: the devotion for top quality products and old recipes revisited in a creative way and highlighted in their noble simplicity.

At Clotilde Bistrot you can always fulfill your tastes, from breakfast to lunch, from afternoon break to the aperitif, from dinner to a refreshing cocktail, in any case you'll enjoy a memorable experience.

Every day, from 7:00 am to 0:00, you can delight your palate with the savory offer of the bistrot, suitable both for a delicious snack and a full meal.

Discover our hearty snack!

When to come to Clotilde Bistrot

Come to visit us for a tasty and rich breakfast, a gourmet lunch, an elegant dinner or a delicious aperitif, special proposals for any moment of the day.