• The perfect combination between vintage and contemporary style

    Refinement and great care for details are tied in a unique setting

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The Bistrot

Elegant, vintage, smooth

The interiors of Clotilde Bistrot were designed from the beginning and refined in every detail to enhance a big and bright space, creating a cozy and convivial atmosphere. The big glass windows allow enjoying unique glimpses of Milan and the high ceilings make stand out the openness of the bistrot.

The big counter in the center shows the delights of the coffee bar and buffet whetting the curiosity of who likes to be tempted in every moment of the day.

The mezzanine, such as a nest, allows staying in a more secluded area, recommended also for birthday parties and special events. Furnishings are a perfect balance between vintage and modernity: the rustic wood tables recall pleasant dinners, the retro style of the carbon fiber lamps creates a timeless mood, and the velvet-lined chairs have bright colors similar to the floral Clotilde icon.

Each detail, from vases to sofas, is in tune with the smooth style of the bistrot, a place where past and present are combined in an extraordinary way.